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par Communications VIP Sylvie Bibeau 23 Février 2013, 16:55 On the road of Big Island Swim with wild dolphins in Big Island Swim with wild dolphins in Hawaii







Translation by Louise Christofferson






My great passion for dolphins dates back to 2004 when I was staying at Holguin in Cuba. During this period I would swim as often as I could with the tropical fish just in front of the hotel.



I don't agree about this activity, but, after taking part in a trip in which we swimmed with dolphins in captivity, I remained alone on the site. Although she was supposed to be in her enclosure, a mother dolphin came to comfort me since I was very sad following my divorce.






By way of telepathy, I really felt that this mother dolphin wanted me to know that she was aware of my great sadness. As she stared at me, she came in touch with me and gave me a big hug. At this very moment she transmitted something I had never felt before in my life… a huge wave of unconditional love.


The discovery of the intelligence of dolphins, their energetic, therapeutic and telepathic powers through their unconditional love.



Following this experience, everytime I was in the presence of dolphins, I noticed that they were always attracted to me. The instructors had to whistle and call them back to order so they could continue their routine...I was very sad to witness that they had to execute themselves like slaves...











The fascinating experience of being in contact with dolphins arouses amazement which unfolds within us a state of euphoria which brings peace, serenity and an undescriptive feeling of great joy… A feeling of such well-being which awakens our inner child.



Endowed with great charisma, being in the presence of dolphins has a positive effect at all levels: Physical, physiological and psychological. The sounds signals that they emit, their calls and whistles are like sonars that go through us like ultrasounds… When we swim in their environment even if they are not close to us, we can hear their call knowing they are approaching… It is fascinating!... Then we say: "Will they decide to join me ? ".


Many state that swimming with dolphins can help sick people recover : Autists emerge from their inner self. It brings back the joy of living to the depressed or to the ones who are going through a burn-out. It gives hope to those who have cancer, etc.



Also we believe that dolphins have the hability to detect some illnesses with their sonar and they may even have powers of healing with the ultrasounds that they send abroad.



I had the opportunity to learn even more about their telepathic powers in the company of people who swim with them daily at Big Island. They developed a particular relationship through telepathy. Also they state that the big quantity of bubbles they produce are messages… It is difficult to describe this feeling when we throw ourself in all these bubbles they leave  around when they pass near us… To be immersed in that I don't know what exactly...








Last March at Kona, Big Island, Hawaii, one of my encounters with the wild dolphins. I was with an group organized by Joan Ocean, a world leader in the field of dolphins and whales, renowned for her remarkable work and her numerous researches. She has been working in this field for 27 years. Joan is established at Captain Cook since 1988. She has dedicated her life to the cause of dolphins and whales. She has worked closely with many scientists and travelled all over the world to experience various contacts with marine mammals. For the past 25 years, Joan who is an inconditional lover of marine mammals along with her friends from DOLPHINVILLE.COM swim almost every day with the dolphins. No wonder they have a very priviledged relashionship with them!









big island map




BIG ISLAND is a volcanic island of 150 km located in the Pacific formed by five volcanos. Being located at the South of the archipelago, Big Island is the biggest of all the islands with a population of more than 200,000.





The climate is mild but warm clothing is suggested since the temperature drops as we climb in altitude. There is even some snow at the peak of the mountains. There is more sunlight on the coast of Kailua-Kona and more rainfall in the area of Hilo.


Here is a French website to find plenty of information on Hawaii:



Here is the website of the Hawaiian Touristic Association:







Very affectionate, playful and sociable, dolphins are marine mammals who belong to the order of cetaceans. Dolphins are one of the most intelligent species and are a source of such great interest for humans that they are considered the best friends of mankind in the ocean.


Big Island is a first choice destination to swim with wild dolphins because they roam all year-round on the coast of Kona. Many dolphins travel in this area. They stick together in groups that are called pods, mostly mothers and their young, for an average of twelve individuals per pod. Males stay together in groups of 2 or 3. They occasionally join the pods or look over them from a near distance.


There are so many in this region that if you take a boat trip to swim with the dolphins, most organizers will guarantee that your dream will come true or they will offer you a free departure for another encounter if you did not get to see them.


On a website I learned that there are four species of dolphins in Big Island. There are the Turslops (Bottlenose) who are like the popular Flipper. Also the are the Spinners who are very numerous. They are grey with a dark line on their back, being smaller in size and their habit of spinning while jumping is where their name takes its origin.


This is the website of Conscience Dauphin, founded by Sophie Boyer who I met at big Island where you will find informations on dolphins:




Dolphins are very friendly and love to be in contact with humans. This is why they often follow boats and come close to the shore to meet swimmers.


A group of people who are interested in dolphins have gathered around Captain Cook, South of Kona at the West end of Big Island since there is a very high concentration of Spinner dolphins and it is possible to swim with them.


This community of highily spiritual people swim regularly with dolphins and are often in contact with them to share their passion. Their group is called DOLPHINVILLE.




I met one of the most renowned person of this organization, Joan Ocean, her friends Trish Regan, Doug Hackett and also Celeste Eaton. See below for further details.




kailua kona map




Located on the Southwest coast of Big Island, Kona is a favorite site to swim with the wild dolphins.




The dolphins come by to visit the swimmers regularly in these three bays located south of Kona. Usually they arrive at around 7am. It is in the morning that they are more likely to play with humans. Since they are wild, they decide if they will be there or not... Often I went to wait for them at all three of these spots and could not find them.


If you happen to stay for a longer journey, I suggest that you attempt to live this experience since these moments in their company is priceless. You will have the chance to experiment a privileged relashionship with them.


But you must remember that you must let the dolphins come to you and not the opposite. It is forbidden to touch them. It is better to put your arms along your body or behind your back.


If you do not have much time and you wish to live this experience of swimming with dolphins, I recommend to take a boat trip since this will give you more chances of meeting with them.








South of Kona is Kealakekua Bay where Captain James Cook set foot on the island in 1779 and where he was killed. A monument was set to commemorate this explorator. 







TWO STEPS is located South of Kealakekua Bay in Kona, just besides the National Historic Park of Puuhonua o Honaunau, named "Place of the refuge". It is so beautiful with its 180 acres. It is an ancient hawaian village which would welcome outlaws for their social reform.


It is by far the site where I experienced my most unforgettable encounters with the dolphins. A first choice destination to scuba dive since we can see many tropical fish and often dolphins come to meet the swimmers, usually in the morning starting from 7am.


Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park, a well restored Hawaiian "Place of the refuge" North of Kailua-Kona is the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park, a 1160 acre park that lets you explore early heiau (temples) fishponds and petroglyphs.











This is my favorite place. I love its small beach. It is possible to do some camping, kayak, with all commodities such as showers and bathrooms and restaurant stands. A very nice atmosphere is present with the potlucks every Wednesday starting from 2pm where everyone brings a dish to be share and musicians gather. The atmosphere is a little bit hippy where marijuana is very popular... I believe I must have been the only one who repeated constantly "No thank you, no thank you, no thank you".


The dolphins show up early in the morning but also at any time during the day. If you stand on the beach, they are usually located on the left. They say that this is where they go to rest... So if they do not want to play with you we would be thankful if you would respect their wish.











Given I am a thrifty consumer, always seeking the best deal, I was able to find round-trip tickets for prices between $750 and $800 with one correspondence when I was lucky. 


During the Holiday Season I had no other choice but to take a ticket with 2 transfers for a total of 20 hours because the rates where out of reach. It takes around 13 hours or more to reach the destination depending if you need to transfer.


http://www.travel-ticker.com/ Is a very good site which offers reasonable rates.  http://www.hotwire.com/http://fr.travelocity.ca/, http://www.expedia.ca/,http://www.aircanada.com/, http://www.tripadvisor.ca/ et and many more...It's always a surprise to see which one offers the best deal.



If you need to rent a room between your correspondence, the best site that I found is http://www.hotwire.com/.  Rooms can be rented for as low as $58 including taxes. The type of rooms are comparable to Sheraton style with free shuttle service to the airport. This plan is that you don't get to know which will will be your hotel but you set a reservation for a four star quality paying only for a two star rate. Once reserved the name of the hotel will be confirmed.



I have a special attachment to the magical island of Maui located just besides BIg Island. Each time I visit Big Island I make a stop at my favorite island. Pacific Wings offers an excellent service of air shuttle between Big Island and Maui which takes 30 minutes and it always costs 65$ for a one-way ticket. I always search Travel Ticker, Travelocity, Hotwire, etc, to find a good deal before I make my reservation.


11-11-11-KONA 0845



MARCH 2011

Arriving at KONA, BIG ISLAND, I had only reserved my rental car for the first few day preceding a seminar where I would stay at the Sheraton. My wish was to live this as an advendture and see where this would lead me.


However I had reserved by internet 2 trips to swim with the dolphins.



Hookena Beach


After picking up my rental car I drove South of KAILUA-KONA, stopping at every beach to discover every site of this new island... What a feeling of freedom!


I drove to the HOOKENA Beach where I fell in love with the concept... Camping ground, a place to do some kayak and various services.


While swimming I was told that the dolphins often come around. I met with a new friend who was staying for a month, who comes every year to swim with them at these beaches. I was not as lucky since during this trip I did not see the dolphins at these sites.


I was staying at PALEAKU GARDEN PEACE SANCTUARY, a beautiful sanctuary, Botanical Garden style, with magnificent gardens with accomodations where we can meditate and practice yoga. One must like calm and silence...it was like a monastary when I went!... I recall to have stayed for $60 per night. I highly recommend a visit in these marvelous gardens to resplenish yourself...












My first experience of swimming with the dolphins at KAILUA-KONA, BIG ISLAND, was on board of the boat "SUNLIGHT ON THE WATER" which I found on internet.




Cost: $135, with 25 passengers on board from 8am until noon. The scuba diving equipment is included.







We saw many dolphins following the boat and some spinning. But everytime we went into the water during this trip, no dolphin was around. They would all vanish! I came to the conclusion that we must have been too many or I was just not lucky on that particular day.









On internet I had found DOLPHIN ESSENCE with John Float, captain and naturalist who offers to go swim with the dolphins by small groups of a maximum of 6 persons at a higher price: $170.


From 8am until noon on board of his zodiac including the scuba diving equipment, food and beverage.





John has been a naturalist for the Pacific Whale Foundation and has worked in cooperation with Joan Ocean. He is spiritual and give treatments of alternative medecine.





When I asked him why his rates were so high in comparison to others his answer was that I would really get to swim with them since we are a smaller group.




Indeed, after practicing his ritual to attract the cetaceans we came across some whales. We stopped to swim in in the company of two huge manta rays. I was given the opportunity to swim for a few minutes with these two rays who were playing around me. They would go back and forth besides me. I was very impressed and I loved it. 


Finally the dolphins... For the firs time since my arrival I could live the experience I had wished for so long!!!!!.... To swim with wild dolphins!... They were right there and I was able to swim with a few pods of 8 or 9 individuals underneath and besides me. I was crying tears of joy. Finally I was fully amazed of being in their presence. Personally, being in close contact with dolphins provokes an opening of the heart which I can't experiment otherwise in my daily life... Even in a deep meditation state.


I was given the opportunity to swim at a few occasions with them. John offered to return to get a closer look at the whales. I am much more interested in dolphins. To please me, we stayed there to swim one more time with them... This was very much appreciated...








A few day later, while attending a Ho'oponopono seminar I met with Sophie Boyer of Conscience Dauphins.


We had chatted by internet and I came very close to joining her group in early January but I had not reached Hawaii yet. Sophie organizes groups to swim with dolphins at Big Island and the Açores.




I delayed my return trip to accompany her the next morning. We had spent an exhilarating evening exchanging about these fascinating dolphins. She shared so much information about all these years she has been dedicated to her passion...


Starting from 7am we toured all of the 3 bays where the dolphins wander... No dolphin yet!... And a great feeling of disappointment... I don't know why but I cried like a baby being so deceived that the dolphins were not there. I thought that in her company, she being very experienced I would get to see them. I was living such an adventure accompanied with great disapointment! But life has its reasons and since I delayed my return trip to Maui I had the chance to meet my dear Dr. Wayne W. Dyer!









Between 6-12th of November 2011, I felt a vivid attraction to go to Big Island to swim with the wild dolphins for the key date of 11-11-11.





It's only at the last minute on the same day that I found the group which I was looking for... I bought my airplane ticket for November 6th, planning to arrive at 3pm because it's the message I had received... It's on that same day, at this exact time that the seminar was scheduled to begin.








I  joined the retreat with the dolphins of 11-11-11 which was wonderfully organized by TRISH REAGAN AND DOUG HACKETT. I was the 21st guest to join the group which was planned to accept 21 participants from all over the world. Everything was perfect, very well organized, no detail was overlooked... The most beautiful experience in my life at this time. 







Trish and Doug are native of California. After living an experience of swimming with the dolphins with their friend Joan Ocean, they decided to fully live their passion for dolphins and whales. They abandoned everything to start a new life at Kona, Big Island where their friend Joan was already established.












Doug and Trish were just amazing and very attentionate. We were granted a whole lot of information given the fact that for this happening they had gathered experienced specialists and musicians who happen to be their friends. 






We stayed in a very nice hotel: Outrigger Keauhou Beach Resort. (Closed now)





11-11-11-KONA 5232







11-11-11-KONA 4284




After a very warm welcome, our hosts Trish Reagan and Doug Hackett took us in for a generous supper in their charming home in Captain Cook. The next day we lived our first experience in the ocean on board of the NEPTUNE CHARLIE'S.
















Everyday of the week we were on board from 9am to 1pm.



11-11-11-KONA 4727



Very good service on the boat with snacks and beverages.






For lunch we had the choice between tuna, turkey or vegetarian wraps with the option of lettuce instead of the traditional pita bread. Also, on every trip they would serve us delicious pineapple.



11-11-11-KONA 4898



We had wonderful encounters with the dolphins. 



 11-11-11-KONA 6228





The key moment was on 11-11-11. Two members of the expedition, Maggie and Dorisianne, each had brought a crystal which they offered to the ocean at 11h11. A few dolphins, although quiet were observing while we had formed a circle for this unforgettable celebration... It was very touching moment!




11-11-11-KONA 2059






We attended an angelic concert given by ANELA STRINGS in the hotel's secret gardens...A dream come true to witness the magical moments:












Each day, before getting on board Trish and Doug would lead a group meditation and another one each evening as we would gather around for interesting conversations with:


















It is important to mention the unforgettable moments spent at Luau Hawaiian, this beautiful hotel, ROYAL KONA.







An excellent meal and a lovely animated show.








The party went on and I had much fun dancing in the company of the great percussionist Tiger Paw and her band. Tiger was telling me that she teaches percussions in schools... I was thinking of a joint venture between her and SAMAJAM... To be continued!:











The members of our group were very close together since we would share every supper in different restaurants of the city. Our hosts were watching over us, rendering services and escorting us for all of our errands, etc.







A picnic at the splendid Black Sand Beach with its great number of giant turtles:



11-11-11-KONA 5624



Exploring the Kilauea Volcano for those who were interested accompanied by Doug. What a wonderful day!...




11-11-11-KONA 6069


11-11-11-KONA 5880


11-11-11-KONA 5973


11-11-11-KONA 5936






11-11-11-KONA 6170




We ended this memorable  day by a special supper filled with amusement in the company of a band of young Hawaiian dancers and musicians.






This retreat has been the most complete and satisfying of all the ones I attended given the numerous amount of incredible activities and experiences that we were given the opportunity to experiment... Wonderfully mastered by Doug and Trish:






Doug and Trish organize groups on a regular basis to swim with the dolphins and also groups to swim with the whales at Tonga. 



















Following this unforgettable retreat I stayed a few days with CELESTE EATON who has been swimming with the dolphins for several years. She organizes groups and welcomes guests in her home. She also gives therapeutic treatments. If you wish to stay in her home, I highly recommed this location since it is very clean, zen and it is surrounded by a very nice energy.


Approximately 20 years ago, CELESTE EATON met with the dolphins for 3 days during her first experience and she felt a great interaction. Then she went to Big Island to attend a seminar with the dolphins with a group hosted by DOUG HACKETT and TRISH REGAN who became her close friends.


Celeste established herself at Captain Cook and dedicates her life to the cause of dolphins and considers herself the protector of the cetaceans. She also accompanies groups to Tonga to swim with the whales just like Joan Ocean, Doug hackett and Trish Reagan.




I was privileged to join Celeste during her daily swim. The dolphins often roam in one of the three bays. The regular visitors inform each other by phone about the sightings of the dolphins. That day, we found them at Two Step. This had been my most beautiful encounter with the dolphins. There were so many and they were very friendly with us.


I was given the great opportunity to make a few interviews with Celeste:










Interview with Celeste - Part 3 - ARRIVING AT TWO STEPS, THE DOLPHINS ARE THERE!



































My most memorable experience happened at TWO STEPS, Honaunau, Place of Refuge. After staying with Celeste, I stayed with a friend I had met in March 2011. Having lost her coordinates I finally remembered where she lived. She lives in a house on the shore of Hookena in a completely private location, nearby this famous beach where the dolphins hang out.


I told her about my attraction to dolphins dating from a few years back but how my experiences did not confirm if I should follow through in this direction. I had much pleasure of swimming with them but not an authentic relationship between them and me...a significant interaction with them that would confirm without any doubt if I should follow in this direction with the dolphins.

My friend Lenda replied that she would take me on a search for the dolphins on my last day at Big Island. So the next morning we go out to the Hookena Beach to look for them but they are not there.


We went to Two Steps... They are there!... They are jumping and spinning... What a show!... I swim with them but I dislike the crowd around them. Now I understand why some show some reluctance to reveal these sites while many others inform at large while insisting on the respect of the cetaceans.


I went alone further away and it is at this moment that I experienced the most moving and intense moments of my life... While writing these lines, I never lived anything comparable or so exhilarating. Unfortunately I did not have an underwater camera to take pictures or film this event.


They were about 30 dolphins, mothers, their babies who were spinningaround me while a few males by groups of 2 or 3 would come and go... They were calling at me, would stare at me and would throw me a whole lot of bubbles while passing by. I would throw myself into these bubbles while enjoying these incredible moments that I was experimenting.


Finally I was living a great moment of apotheosis of being in close relashionship with them. I did not understand what they were crying out to me but I was filled with an unmeasurable amount of energy that they transmitted to me... I was filled with a feeling of ecstasy, so exalted of reaching the goal of my quest.


It is with many regrets that at certain times I was telling myself that I should come back to the shore to join my friend who was waiting... But everytime, the dolphins would circle around me as if they were saying:"No, don't go! Stay a bit longer!". I would have stayed much longer if no one had been waiting for me...


Finally with many regrets I finally came back to the shore. My friend informed me that I had been out swimming for over 3 hours, nearly 4 hours in their company... I was deeply convinced that I had received the answer I had been waiting for... Yes, I had to follow on with my relationship with the dolphins.



DSCF0014 2














I spent a few weeks staying at this friend who owns a house close to the shore at Hookena. Since it was the high season I was unable to find a rental car available. This made my transport difficult when trying to locate the dolphins.


So the dolphins and I kind of played hide and seek... This resulted in very few satisfying encounters between me and the dolphins. I did get to swim a few times with them at Hookena Beach. Sometimes they would show up, willing to play and spin but as soon as I would want to join them they would vanish.


I only got to swim with them twice. This is not much in comparison with what I was expecting following my previous experience back in November on the last day before my return trip...


Everytime I went to Two Steps the dolphins were never present... I was very disappointed about this experience when I came back since I am so attached to my dolphins.









Sylvie Bibeau, Kawika Leicher, Joan Ocean, Douglas Webster.





JOAN OCEAN is one of the most renowned person in Big Island for her work and research on dolphins and whales. She is a pioneer in the field of cetaceans. She has been interested in dolphins and whales for over 25 years. She has been in close relashionship with many marine scientists and has travelled around the world to swim with them.


Joan Ocean is established at Captain Cook, BIG ISLAND since 1988 and welcomes groups to swim with them and also hosts spiritual workshops at her ranch.



A video interview with Joan Ocean:







Last March I decided that this was it!... I decided to go spend that week in the company of the most experimented and respected person in the field of dolphins and whales at BIG ISLAND.

The chosen theme for the seminar was "DOLPHINS, WHALES AND TIME TRAVEL". I strongly wanted to live this experience.



Joan welcomes groups at her ranch where the energy vibrations are very powerful.


But since we were a big group, half of us had to stay at the MANAGO Hotel, located at about a 10-15 minute drive from her ranch.









Staying at the MANAGO Hotel is like travelling back in time... It's just like being in the Far West! No renovation work has been done... It's clean and offers only the basics. What motivated Joan to choose this hotel was to provide us with a week's stay at the best price available.






All the meetings and teachings were given at her ranch where we would go by our own means. It was possible to cook our own meals at her ranch. As for me, I went to eat out most of the time since there were too many people at the same time in the kitchen.



Her friendly assistant, Douglas Webster, would meet us in the parking lot of the Manago Hotel so we could follow the group all the way to the departure aboard the JACK'S DIVING LOCKER. This is where we rented our scuba diving equipment. All agree that it is the best place to buy or rent diving or scubba diving gear.








Jeff and his son Kawika Leicher were the captains on board of the JACK'S DIVING LOCKER. They would accompany us for our trips out to sea. They have been so devoted and pleasant with Jeff's talent in story telling.


Kawika always did his best to serve us. Jeff did a wonderful job with his camera while on the ocean.






His video is just amazing. Also Lisa Denning who has been a photograph for many years and who works with Joan joined the group for splendid pictures of marine mammals.






On board there were beverages, snacks, fruits and cookies. Our meal was a choice of tuna, turkey or vegetarian rolls.


From all my group experiences, it is with this seminar that we saw the greatest quantity of marine mammals... We swimmed several times with pods of Spinner dolphins. A Tursiop (Bottlenose) played his role as ambassador circling around each member of our group. We also had the chance to watch another breed of dolphin which I can't recall the name. There was also various types of manta rays, whales and giant turtles.








Joan, Douglas, Lisa, Jeff and Kawika, passionates of dolphins and partners of Joan Ocean:







On Wednesday we did not go out to the ocean. Douglas came along with those who wished to go to Hookena Beach. Just before coming back, I went to Two Steps attempting to relive the incomparable moments which I had experienced back in November but the dolphins were not present.


I went to join the others at Hookena where the dolphins gave me the opportunity to live a very nice experience. I dedicated this one to a friend who lives in Québec, Murielle Larivière. I had requested from this pod of 9 dolphins to help me create a bridge between us from Hawaii to Montréal. On the boat, I requested the same wish from our group, to create a bridge between us and her... I will write about Murielle, a wonderful woman... Presently she is in the intensive care unit of a hospital... With all of my heart, I hope that she will recover good health...


Our group was named the "SEASHINE POD". All participants were very interesting people from all over the world. There was a lot of interaction between us, even when we had all returned back home...






Colette charmed us during our daily meetings by sharing her passion for music. Each of us added a ray of sunshine due to her personality. We all greatly appreciated the only man in our group, Jonathan, native of California, who established himself at Maui.


Joan Ocean is a highly spiritual being and is filled with a wonderful energy... But for an unknown reason it is me who was not interested to listen to what she was sharing with us. I would always fall asleep when we would sit down to listen to her. I never understood why I was always so tired and unable to take advantage of her teachings as much as I would have wanted to... Can't explain!...




Joan was very generous as she continued to share informations after our return trip... She is a really beautiful person... She live on her ranch with Jean-Luc Bozzoli, a friendly, talented and visionary artist.











Blue Sea Cruises http://blueseacruisesinc.com/cruises/dolphincruise.html 


Kamanu Charters http://www.kamanu.com/dolphin/dolphins.html

Dolphin Discoveries   http://www.dolphindiscoveries.com/





Hawaii Dolphin Watch Kayak & Snorkel 


Kohala Kayak http://kohalakayak.com/


Combo Atlantis Submarine & Body Glove Dolphin-Snorkel Sail



Kona Honu Divers




Sea Quest http://www.seaquesthawaii.com/




More will follow for boat trips to swim with the dolphins



DSCF0014 2





"Big thanks to LOUISE CHRISTOFFERSON for the translation"...you have done a great work!


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