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Quinn's Almols by the Sea: Their catch of the day and a cold beer

par Communications VIP Sylvie Bibeau 6 Mars 2013, 12:33 On the road of Big Island


Here is a restaurant in the midst of the action where many locals meet. If I would not have been invited I would have never discovered this small and discrete restaurant. It has a laid back atmosphere where the guests come in to meet, have a drink and watch sports on the television.

Passing through the bar section that leads to the restaurant area where your meal will be served with courtesy. They have a solid reputation concerning their catch of the day which has a is nicely displayed. To our great delight we had a Marguerita on the rocks which was well deserved after a gorgeous sunny but rather warm day of shopping!

The Quinn's is located just in front of the Kona Beach Hotel, many boutiques and restaurants. Even if you are in a hurry, you can have a healthy meal...Open from 11 am to 11pm.
kona-coffee-5305.JPGkona-coffee 5311kona-coffee-5309.jpg
Quinn's Almost by the Sea
75-5655 Palani Road, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
Téléphone :(808) 329-3822




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