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Join us at the Sheraton Keauhou for happy hour and dance at the full moon

par Communications VIP Sylvie Bibeau 27 Mars 2013, 15:42 On the road of Big Island Networking Sheraton Keauhou Happy hour Sheraton Keauhou Sheraton Keauhou Big Island Tastes of wine Sheraton Keauhou Rays on the Bay

What a wonderful day with the dolphins!!!...great full moon time!!!!
If someone want to join us, we are going for to take a drink at the happy hour at the Sheraton Keauhou: 2 tastes of good wine for $5, snaks and tax includes!...
Location of the bar: at your right in the entrance of the lobby...after, we bring our glass of wine and gonna go at the restaurant Rays on the Bay downstair. If you want to eat, you must make a reservation. Or join us for to dance!
The wednesday, they have an incredible group for to dance.  After a wonderful view on the sunset, we have the great pleasure to see the manta rays...
The music plays until around 9h30 pm.
If you want to join us, you are welcome...it will be nice to meet you!
Sylvie Bibeau

Email: info@sylviebibeau.com

Phone: (808) 938-4891



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P.S. Concerning my courses of 5 Tibetans Rites in Communion with Dolphins and Whales, I have receive messages that the people prefer come to practice at the beach...Wonderful!...Tomorrow, Thursday, the course will be at the beach. Please to call me or send me a email for to know the location...

Great mahalo to Barbara!...

Prepare your Happy Easter Network Party on next sunday...more informations soon!!!!!...The next free  5 Tibetans Rites course will be sunday at the Manini beach from 11am to 12...

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Sheraton Keauhou, one of the largest luxury hotels in France is organizing happy hour and dance programs for their customers. They can avail drinks, foods and other amenities of the hotel at exciting prices. Thanks for sharing this great news.
Aloha!…thank you for your comment…Do the Sheraton offer the same experience in Europa?…In Big Island, they have a great formula…only there around the world, that you can eat and dance with the great view of the Manta Ray close of the coast…incredible!…so nice!...

Bonjour, j'ai assisté à votre conférence le 14 mai et encore un grand merci de m'avoir reconnecté avec les dauphins. Vous avez beaucoup à partager.  Au plaisir de plonger avec vous dans
l'une de vos prochaines aventures aquatiques!
Bonjour chère Mélanie…c'est seulement aujourd'hui que je vois ton beau commentaire…merci!…un grand merci d'être venue me rejoindre à Tadoussac l'été dernier et d'avoir assisté à un de mes cours de rites tibétains…J'espère que la vie est bonne pour toi et ta belle petite famille…Namastaloha!

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