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Big Island Wellness Services

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Big Island Wellness Services



I am happy to offer my Wellness Services on Big Island, in person or online. 
I am inviting you to discover more about me:
Energetic Healing Session


I became a certificated Lumino-Energetic Therapist and Light Passer in 2005. I have always continued to improve my practice which has become ever more efficient. 


This powerful treatment of light and divine energies allows you to re-harmonize your energetic bodies, as well as reconnect and unify body, soul and spirit.


I begin with the energy clearing of you body, chakras and energy centers, which allows a deep release of you energy blockages and traumas, both conscious and unconscious which are crystallized in your vibrations. 


This work is done as much on the mental, emotional levels, as on your physical body, in symbiosis with your Soul and your Divine Self and this, in turns, can allow the unification with your inner child and to be who you really are in your pure essence.


This helps you to become more grounded and gives you more strength, calm, confidence, clarity and serenity. We are increasing your vibrational level, which will bring you great benefits.


Since 2011, I have developed communication with cetaceans on Big Island, Hawaii. Since I received their activations, I work often with the energy of whales and dolphins in my energy care, in addition to the powerful energies of divine light.  


I also proceed to the activation of highly vibrational frequency codes and keys which will continue their work in you, after the treatment. Each healing session is adapted to your needs. 


Consultations in person in Big Island or online with Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom.


Price: $70 / 1 hour


Payment via  Paypal, you don't need to have a PayPal account for to make the transaction. Possible to proceed by Western Union , Zelle or Stripe.

Big Island Wellness Services

Transform Your Life!

Many of us, need help to get through these challenging time of great change. Our present world situation incites us to find our strength and our interior peace in order to live a life better aligned with the deep desires of our heart.


🤔 You want to make changes in your life and you don't know how to get there


🤔 You no longer feel in your place


🤔 You have changed and you no longer recognize yourself


🤔 Your life does not bring you satisfaction


🤔 You face instability and financial difficulties


🤔 You cherish a dream that calls you from the bottom of your heart and you do not know how to get there


🤔 You are not happy, you are stressed and have fears


🤔 You are without energy or disoriented


🤔You cannot get our of the same patterns


🤔 You are blocked and you need help


Let me help you to transform your life and  dissolve your blockages, conscious and unconscious traumas.


The consultation begins with energetic healing treatment if you need it.  


We will proceed to the liberation of your personal problems from this life and from the others incarnations of your soul, as well as others transgenerational memories; in short, everything that prevents you from feeling good and realizing yourself fully and more easily.


I work a lot with your body's reactions because your body is talking to you. He is your best friend if you can listen to him. Often, your discomfort is a great indicator to help you to understand your ill-being. The emotions that lodge there are the call of your heart.


Once we have healed what was to be cut, released, healed and transmuted, we will work to reprogram the new informations. We will activate them energetically that you will vibrate by visualizing yourself on your way with the achievement of what you desire.


In a very high vibrational state, you will experience the process of achieving your goals once accomplished, aligned with your soul, from the bottom of your heart.  


I often use the Tapohono method that I created. It  helps you to dislodge blockages and release the origin of what your soul has chosen to come and settle in this incarnation.


I also teach practical methods to help you to harmonize your relationships and recover situations. This technique allows you to free your emotion, cut the negative links and reprogram yourself on what you want.


Consultations are always adapted according to your needs. I will give you tools so that you can continue the process after the session.


Before the consultation, you must write in advance what you want to improve. Always positively describe your goal, as if it has already been accomplished.


Pay attention to your dreams and synchronicities well before the consultation because possibly you will receive signs or messages...the work begins from your commitment to undertake this process.


Price: $200 : 3 hours session


$300 / 5 hours with 3 hours session + 2 hours according to your needs after the consultation


Consultations in person in Big Island or on-line with Skype, FaceTime or Zoom.

Payment via  Paypal, you don't need to have a PayPal account for to make the transaction. Possible to proceed by Western Union , Zelle or Stripe.

Big Island Wellness Services

Personal Bach Flowers “I AM”

The Bach Flowers wonderfully complement the Care and consultations I offer. I prepare them in blue glass bottles, maximizing their dynamism, with a logo that I created with sacred geometry.


I channel your personalized mantra for you.


This formula will help you move towards what you are, in your pure essence, aligned with your I AM, your Higher self.


For people of all age and animals. Excellent with therapy.


Price: $50 / Bottle, only $30 if you take a consultation with me.


Add delivery charges by mail, depending on where you live.


Payment via  Paypal, you don't need to have a PayPal account for to make the transaction. Possible to proceed by Western Union , Zelle or Stripe.

Big Island Wellness Services

Light activation of your house and land

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