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My journey to Wellness

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My journey to Wellness


With great expertise in the area of health and wellness, I have developed revolutionary, powerful and effectives methods to help you improve your health, find who you really are and reach your full potential.


After 2 serious accidents, at 31 and 33 years old, I explored alternative medicine in order to cure my physical health problems, becatraditional medicine only had the option of using pills to relieve my pain, without curing it.


I made big changes in my lifestyle. It was during this period that I began my spiritual journey.


My journey to Wellness


I became a certified Therapist in Lumino-Energetic and a Consultant in Flower Elixirs in 2005. I wanted, first of all, to heal myself. I studied different techniques and methods to better manage what I had to overcome as experiences in my life.


My mediumnity gradually developed and I have constantly improved my skills to help the souls to go in the light. I also explored different meditation practices, yoga and various methods in the fields of Health, Motivation and Wellness.


I have been in a long pathway to find my new professional orientation, in order to be better aligned with my soul mission.


I created my own practice in Vitality & Wellness, which is the amalgamation of the best of everything I have experienced in order to optimize my health in a balance of body, soul, spirit. Tibetan Rites are the basis of my daily practice, to which, I added Kundalini and different postures, mantras and Tapohono, a method that I created.


My journey to Wellness


It was in 2009 that I received the call to go to Maui, and live my quest with dolphins and whales in Hawaii. In Cuba, in 2004, an unforgettable experience with a dolphin mom that totally changed my life. From that moment, I studied this uncredenergetic power that we can develop with cetaceans.



I finally went 3 times in 2011 to Hawaii. Maui was a real favorite as soon as I got there. I understood why I was so called there, it was the call of my soul.


I went to Big Island to participate in a second Ho'oponopono seminar.


I discovered in South Kona, the grouping of swimmers who communicate with dolphins and whales. It is the group to which I felt called to live my quest with cetaceans.


My journey to Wellness

My life has been completely transformed. I left Quebec in 2012 to live my quest, respecting the messages of my inner guidance. This was the start of a long transition process, returning to Québec for 6 month periods, until I became a permanent resident in Hawaii.


For a few years, I experienced communication with dolphins and whales on Big Island. I received their activation and I often work with their energies of love and joy during energy healing.


I have constantly improved my practices, first experimenting them, on myself, in order to overcome the challenges of life. Because according to all that I understduring my many learnings, we attract, consciously or unconsciously, what happens to us.




During a stay in Québec, in 2016, I led a Vitality & Wellness Camp in Percé.




With all my life transition experiences, I can help you if you face blockages, if you have to make changes in your life, if you are living in a situation with which you cannot get out of, if you want to have a more satisfying life and feel good.



In this period of major global transition, I offer my services to help you go through what I had to live. I hope to make you benefit from the fruit of the experiences acquired during my many years of transformation ... and I am always in perpetual evolution!



My journey to Wellness
My Vitality & Wellness Services:
Sylvie Bibeau, Lumino-Energetic  and Floral Elixir Therapist for 15 years

Sylvie Bibeau, Lumino-Energetic and Floral Elixir Therapist for 15 years

To reach me:


You can reach me by email at: sylviebibeau@me.com



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