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NEXT RETREATS ON MARCH AND APRIL 2013 «Ascension Dynamics with Dolphins & Whales» by Trish Regan et Doug Hackett at Big Island, Hawaii

par Communications VIP Sylvie Bibeau 18 Février 2013, 20:31 dolphins



If you wish to live a relation unique in the world for to swimming with the wild dolphins in Hawaii, I invite you to join us in Big Island.  


The Spinners dolphins live here all the year on the cost of Kona and it is why, it is pratically guarantee to see them if you reserve a cruise.


You will have also the chance to live magic moments of communication with the whales when they are visiting us habitually from december to april. 

Many specialists of the communication with the dolphins and the wahles offer you their services for to accompany you in order that you could live a great experience.

I introduce to you the next seminars organized by my friends very experimented, professionnals and concientious with who I have had the pleasure to live wonderfull experiences...I recommand to you them if you want to have a spritual connection with them.


Doug and Trish are very thoughtful and generous. They will know to fill all yours expectations...Tell them that it is me that  I recommand them to you, they will be happy to know it!...and you could contact me if you are coming, we will the opportunity to see each others...Namastaloha!

 excuse if my english is not perfect!!!


Next seminars:

Ascension Dynamics with
Dolphins & Whales

March 24-30, 2013 
April 28 - May 4, 2013

Trish Regan et Doug Hackett:


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