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Gift Certificates "Transform Your Life!"

par Communications Sylvie Bibeau 16 Décembre 2020, 14:40 Wellness Vitality and Wellness consultation Transform your life coaching Energetic Healing Hawaii Energetic healing Maui Wellness Maui Well being consultant Maui Bach Flower Therapist Sylvie Bibeau Wellness Consultant Improve your life consultant energetic therapist Maui

Gift Certificates  "Transform Your Life!"
Aloha!...During these Christmas period very special, I am offering gift certificates for private consultations, in direct with the beautiful and vibrant energies of Hawaii, helping you to Transform Your Life. The process is always adapted, according your need, including an Energetic healing and harmonization if it is required.
This personal consultation will help you to prepare and program what you wish to concrete in 2021. What a wonderful gift to offer to the people that you love...beginning with you!...
The certificates include One hour of consultation and more. I am offering a promotion for 5 hours, including the first consultation of 3 hours and 2 hours that you will use when you will need. I prepare also your Personalized Bach Flowers helping your improvement.
The consultations can be done in person in Maui, Hawaii or online with Skype, Messenger or Zoom. You can have more information about my unique and revolutionary services: 
You can contact me at:





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